Oneirogen Review:Mugwort

Oneirogen Review:Mugwort

My review as an oneirogen: 3/3


My experience as a sleeping aid: 3/3


Mugwort is an Oneirogen that is found everywhere and is invasive in much of the USA. You can take it by cooking it in food eating it raw smoking it or drinking it in tea which I did. On Mugwort, my dreams didn’t get much more vivid but I had many false awakenings on it. So make sure to write down your dreams immediately after you wake up. There is also no hangover of any kind on Mugwort. I would recommend this oneirogen to people even though it doesn’t in my experience increase the vividness of dreams because it does cause false awakenings which can be a chance to make you always do a reality check before you get up therefore increasing the chance of a lucid dream when you have a false awakening. This also put me right to sleep but usually, teas make me tired anyway so I don’t know if mugwort had anything to do with it. Our store currently sells Mugwort in tea form only This is one of the most iconic oneirogens and I hope you enjoy using it.

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