Oneirogen review: Melatonin

Oneirogen review: Melatonin

My Rating as a sleep aid: 3/3

As an Oneirogen: 3/3

Melatonin is a powerful Oneirogen and sleep aid.  We currently only sell one kind the 5 mg version, but we are soon adding the one I used (1 mg version).  Although I had a good experience with melatonin there is some controversy surrounding melatonin as an Oneirogen. Melatonin actually works by suppressing REM sleep to increase it later.   This leads some people to say it doesn’t actually make dreams more vivid but exploits the REM cycle.   Also many melatonin supplements are sometimes too strong for people at doses above 5mg and many people sell above 5mg.  From my experience I had nothing but vivid dreams and would recommend melatonin because I had a good experience with it.  Another plus of Melatonin is that you can’t  build a tolerance to it.  My dreams on this oneirogen  were silly and surreal. My dreams on this featured friends and family doing very bizarre things.  Overall this is a oneirogen that people should try if they are having trouble sleeping this  should also tried at least once if they are experimenting with trying to have lucid dreams. If you are using this for any reason start with a small dose and work your way up because melatonin is very strong.

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